Release Notes

Faubourg 01


Faubourg marks the first professional typeface release by Marie Boulanger. As much traditional as it is unconventional in its celebration of letterforms, this typeface dances on the page and screen as it moves from a more conventional appearance to monoline and back again. The flowing silk-like undulation only accentuates this distinguishing feature and produces one opportunity after the next for headline settings where the word is as important as the content supporting it.

Custom Fonts

All Pro 01

NFL All-Pro Sans

The NFL Design team, in collaboration with Neil Summerour of Positype, have just completed an extended family of typefaces specifically designed to improved the aesthetic and accessibility on screens of all sizes. This work took design elements from the NFL’s Shield logo, classic typographic principles, and advances in font rendering technologies to create a contemporary family of typefaces that complement and extend the existing NFL brand. The All-Pro family will begin rolling out on NFL digital properties and content over the off-season, and will be widely adopted for the NFL’s 100th season beginning this fall.

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