Custom Type Solutions

Custom typefaces fall into two main categories—modified retail typefaces that build upon an existing family or completely new creative works. Each direction has very specific benefits.

If modifying an existing Positype typeface is your choice, we first establish the practical, utilitarian and day-to-day requirements: localization (foreign language support), necessary formats, webfont needs, user proficiency and application usage. From there, we move to aesthetic modifications, variations and expansion/contraction of the available glyphs. Building upon the successes of an existing type platform is efficient and deliberate.

A choice like this typically translates into a better long-term investment but typically requires a greater amount of time in the early stages. The payoff is realized in the cost-savings over the duration of the typeface’s use.

Custom type families lessen the bottom-line by eliminating costly multi-user licenses that only grow as your company, brand or needs expand. Exclusivity means unlimited use and freedom from copyright scrutiny. AND the very most important aspect of all—you have something truly unique to your company that cannot be encroached upon.