Positype Flourish is unique, but it shouldn’t be. Flourish focuses on identifying and developing rising talent within the type industry and makes every effort to build on where they are in their creative development and cater instruction, support, guidance, and real-world education on the type industry from critique and creative workflows to intellectual property and pricing—with the sole intent of shaping and fortifying the type industry and its next leaders. Flourish is not a scholarship or internship offering, but a unique artist and repertoire program focused on producing successful and informed type designers in full control of the intellectual property they produce.

  • Acra Koh

    Acra Koh

    Born in Singapore, Acra is a brand designer based in Tokyo with invested interest and appreciation in typography and letterforms. She uses graphic design to help clients visually communicate new concepts and experiences and often looks toward type to create unique identities. She continues to study Japanese Calligraphy and in 2017 Torinoumi Osamu’s one-year Japanese Type Design Program, Mojijuku (Japanese type design course) where she created her first Japanese font in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. 

    In 2019, she participated in the TypeParis intensive course. Outside of work she regularly draws letters in Latin and Japanese type design.

  • Aline Kaori

    Aline Kaori

    Aline Kaori is a freelance lettering artist, calligrapher and aspiring type designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. Her custom letters have helped brands such as Budweiser, Vivo, Natura, and Tiffany&Co connect with their audience in an unique, personal way.

    Since 2013, she has been fully dedicated to honing her craft in the Letter Arts—having studied with masters such as John Stevens, Julian Waters, Cláudio Gil, Ale Paul, Martina Flor, Fiona Ross, and more.

    With her sharp eye for letterforms and passion for sharing knowledge, she has also been teaching workshops and offering consultancy and critiques on lettering and calligraphy. Her work has been featured in Tupigrafia and Typism Book, and her very first typeface, Pitaya Italic, was selected for the Tipos Latinos Biennial in 2018.

    In her spare time, you can find her drawing around, learning new things, thinking about life, or just watching her favourite TV shows.

  • Jovana Jocić

    Jovana Jocić

    Jovana Jocić is a type and graphic designer from Belgrade, Serbia. After obtaining both a BA and MA in Graphic Design at the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Jovana moved across Europe to the Netherlands, where she dedicated a year to drawing and learning about type. This culminated with graduation from TypeMedia in 2020 and she continues to pursue her love for letter-shapes ever since. 

    She is currently a freelance graphic designer and lettering artist interested in typography, while continuing to refine her craft of designing typefaces covering both Cyrillic and Latin scripts. Born in Eastern Europe, and raised around both scripts simultaneously, Jovana aspires to raise awareness and public knowledge of non-Latin scripts and their role in the contemporary world. 

    Always the loudest one in the room, Jovana spends her free time sketching, and experimenting with lettering projects. When not in front of the screen, she enjoys the outdoors and is a passionate competitive skier.

  • Klio Peng (彭慧然)

    Klio Peng (彭慧然)

    Klio Peng (Peng Huijan) is a multidisciplinary designer originally from Taiwan. Even before she completed her studies at university in Taipei,Taiwan, she began freelancing as a graphic designer and exploring typography. It was during those four years that Klio’s passion for typeface design culminated in her moving to Tokyo to study at Torinoumi Osamu’s one-year Japanese Type Design Program, Mojijuku. During that same period, she sought to refine her craft in single-stroke sign painting under Peter Leidberg (aka Letterboy) and still maintains the ‘one she a day’ habit. Her work has been recognized and featured in SDA Award (2019 Taiwan’s Best 100 Design), Shopping Design Magazine, and Design Note Magazine. 

    Since the end of 2020, Klio is drawing typefaces for Positype and runs Iiiao. Iiiao is a design studio she co-founded with Tien Yichiao (Marla Tien), a Helsinki-based spacial and product designer. Iiiao strives to provide holistic design solutions for brands that seek to inspire genuine impact. Klio will craft new design works while following her knowledge-craving-heart to adventures yet to come.

  • Léon Hugues

    Léon Hugues

    Léon is a French and British, Paris-based type designer.

    His first approach to graphic design was drawing and painting posters at school. After graduating from a Maths and Science baccalaureate he began his design studies with an intensive foundation year in Applied Arts at Ecole Estienne and discovered the art of traditional letterpress typography. 

    Attracted by Letterpress and Graphic design, he entered the Typography BA of Ecole Estienne and studied calligraphy and lettering—he loved experimenting and exploring the new techniques available to him. Drawing his own fonts finding his way amongst the software and new ways of drawing lead to an ever-growing passion for letterforms and typography. 

    He furthers his studies at @e162.eu the MA in Type Design at Ecole Estienne, began building his own type families, started internships and freelance work as a type designer with various foundries across Europe. Léon is convinced that the best way to learn and improve is via communication: chat, meet, and have a drink with people about typography and design. These interactions best enable us to understand and discover new crafts and cultures.

    In his works he seeks to make powerful and useful tools with a very mathematical and logical approach. 

  • Marie Boulanger

    Marie Boulanger

    Marie Boulanger is a Paris-born and London-based independent type designer. She originally studied graphic design at Ecole Estienne in Paris, and worked for publishing and branding agencies in Europe and North America. After realizing that she really, really liked letters and definitely wanted to specialize in type design, she went back for an MA in Design & Typography at ECV Paris. There, she took time to learn her craft but also start her original research work. This research was condensed in her MA thesis XX, XY : Sex, letters and stereotypes (written under the direction of Jean-François Porchez) and the subsequent talk « What happens when we give letters a gender? » was a presented at TypeCon Minneapolis. This research now feeds into her personal current work as in independent type designer. She works with agencies and foundries on a variety of projects, focusing on creating custom type for branding and visual identity work. 

    This academic year she will join the teaching team on the Graphic Design BA course at Kingston University in London, and will be releasing her debut commercial typeface with Flourish. Her inspiration stems from a deep love for vernacular letterforms and libraries, and she loves to experiment with the expressive potential of alphabets. Her work could be described as elegant, impactful and playful—she loves a good type pun.

  • Potch Auacherdkul

    Potch Auacherdkul

    Potch is a type designer based in Bangkok. He marked a turning point for typeface projects by Huai which have been recognized by well-known type design competitions.  While attending the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) for MFA Graphic Design in 2016, Potch created a remarkable process-based typeface design research ‘State’ for the dissertation and became even more passionate about the letterform after graduation. This passion manifested itself in the completion of the Type@Cooper Extended Program in 2018.

    Potch’s typefaces have been honored by the Type Directors Club, Art Director Club, STA Chicago, Morisawa Type Design Competition, amongst many others.

  • Scott Fuller

    Scott Fuller

    Scott Fuller is the designer, illustrator, and overall one-man dynamo behind The Studio Temporary. A Georgia native, he resides in Atlanta where he goes to work for brands, ideas, and people from every walk of life. With over a decade in the design industry, Scott has worked and collaborated with incredible folks like the Atlanta Hawks, AIGA, Atlanta Braves, Giving Kitchen, Hudson Sutler, Johnny Cupcakes, Phish, Realtree, Ford Motor Co., Startup Atlanta, Killer Mike and a few more that y’all haven’t heard of – YET.

    Hi foray into type design centers on finding the common, useful typographic thread everyday designers need in their day-to-day creative work. Finding those components and distilling them into working type will continues to be his focus.